Deploy GUI


The GUI is packaged along with the DBA Dash service for convenience, but you might want to deploy this separately.



To run the GUI, users only need access to the repository database. No access is required to any of the monitored instances. Consider creating a group that grants access to DBA Dash. To grant minimum permissions:

  • Add the user/group to the “App” role in the DBA Dash repository database. The role has SELECT and EXECUTE permissions.
  • Optionally add the user to the ManageGlobalViews database role. This allows users to save customized Metrics views for all users.


  1. Download the GUI_Only package
  2. Extract it to a folder on your PC
  3. Run DBADash.exe
  4. Connect to the repository database.

DBA Dash Connect

ServiceConfig.json is used to store the connection details.


Users will automatically be prompted to upgrade if the GUI version is different from the repository. See here

Other deployment options

  • Deploying the GUI to a network share is possible. This might make upgrades harder with locked files though.
  • Deploying to a Google Drive is an option.