Quick Start

One page summary of how to setup DBA Dash


Repository DB:

  • SQL 2016 SP1 or later, including Azure DB and RDS (SQL Server)

Monitored Instances:

  • SQL 2005-2022, including Azure DB and RDS (SQL Server)

DBA Dash Service:

  • .NET 8 Desktop Runtime. Version 8.0.0 or later

    Download .NET 8 Desktop Runtime

    If the .NET 8 runtime is not installed, you will be prompted to install it when you try to run the application.

    Note: Versions 2.x of DBA Dash used .NET 6. Version 3.0 and later use .NET 8

    dotnet --list-runtimes

  • Account to run the service with appropriate permissions to connect to the monitored instances and repository database instance


DBA Dash setup

  1. Download the latest release from GitHub:


(Select the one labelled DBADash_{version}.zip)

  1. Extract the files to a folder of your choosing

⚠️ Please secure access to this folder. See security document for more information.

  1. Run DBADashServiceConfigTool.exe
  1. Set a destination connection

ServiceConfig.json is used to store the connection details.

  1. Click the “Source” tab
  2. Click the connect button to add a source connection (monitored instance)
  1. Review the options available on the “Extended Events” and “Other” tab.
  2. Click “Add/Update” to add the source connection(s)
  3. Repeat the process of adding source connections as necessary
  4. Click “Save”.
  1. Click the “Destination” tab
  2. Click the “Install as service button”
  3. Click Install and enter credentials for the service.
  4. Click Start
  1. All done! Run DBADash.exe to see the data collected 🎉